Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Knowing the Locals: Viterbo, Italy: Part I

Laura, my art history teacher, on the train to Rome. 
My roommate, Deb and I made friends at the local watering hole. 

The older Italian men just sit. And watch. All day.

More Viterbese. And Deb. 
Lake Bolsena, Capodimonte

So, this July, I spent a month in Viterbo, in the Lazio region of Italy taking Journalistic Drawing and an art history course focused on the Etruscans and Romans through Montserrat College of Art. It was a great experience that I definitely recommend to anyone who has the time and ability to. Go! The food is great and so are the people. And I got to go exploring in a few tombs. Okay, cliche travel rant aside, best food I've ever had in my life. In Italy, I was interested in capturing the locals more than anything. To me, they are what made Viterbo so... ~*Italian*~. To the Italians, people watching is an art form. I agree. They also don't wear shorts. 

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