Monday, June 6, 2011

More Greek Bits

I did some sketches today, using Greek statues for reference, mainly Athena. 

Also posted at, a sketch blog I share with Anita Tung, Leah Artwick, Maddy Trower, and Molly Walsh.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Anatomical Study: Bones and Joint Connections

This one's from my other sketchbook.  I did this study at the Edna Lawrence Nature Lab at RISD. 

Landscape Study: Newport Bridge

Study from the Newport Bridge, heading in from Providence.

Fangirling Over Ancient Greece

There is some wonk to this one, I will admit. But, oh how I lust over Ancient Greece. 

Semiconscious Hip Men

There is something very satisfying in drawing flaily, sleep walky people. 

Character Sketch: Costume Emphasis

I thought for my first post, I would upload a sketch I did (with more to come shortly). This is a character sketch I did, with most emphasis on costume. I imagine her to be some sort of radical lion trainer or something to that extent.  

More sketches shortly.